The Treatment

Cellulite is an external sign that something is vitally wrong with your internal systems and organs. Cellulite is a serious problem and can lead to illness and pain. So treating cellulite is a serious business yet the treatments are fun and I love seeing the look of sheer delight when my clients start seeing results, start to realize that their cellulite is on the move. This is the most rewarding experience for me and it will be for you too.

You have come to this website because you want answers, you want to know why you have cellulite, why some skinny women have it and fat ones don’t, why men don’t have it and some women never get it. Why is it here? Where is it from and how do I get rid of it? And I want to stop it from ever coming back. And you have come to the right place.

I have all these answers for you and more.

Do you want to feel alive and invigorated again!

Do you want to feel sexy and to receive envious and admiring glances from people all around you?

Don’t you just want to feel young and energetic again?


Well you can…I will help you!

Many of us have been told that we are meant to have cellulite and that we must just put up with it and it is impossible to get rid of. Well you have been lied to.

The cellulite industry is worth around $30 million every year. INCREDIBLE!

cleansing brushThe fact that you can’t get rid of your cellulite is making people very wealthy and keeping many gainfully employed. The cellulite industry wants you to have cellulite; they want you to keep on buying creams, potions and treatments and surgery and drinks and whatever else they can sell to you. We women keep on trying different things because deep down we know that we are not supposed to have cellulite and so we persevere, year after disappointing year. But we still have hope. And you are right! We women are not meant to have ugly, unhealthy cellulite.If you have been directed to this site via and advert that you saw then you are lucky enough to live in an area where I am offering a special consultations and treatments package.

I teach women in an 1.5 hours how to get rid of their cellulite. Some continue on confidently on their own, others prefer that I treat them myself.
This consult will take approximately and hour and a half and cost $250.

This price includes:

  • Initial consultation
  • Assessment of your cellulite situation/causes
  • Paperback and eBook copy of my book Cellulite Free Me published in Australia by DYMOCKS
  • An Egyptian Body Brush
  • A full C – Zone Therapy Treatment from myself, as well as a lesson if required
  • Personally blended Plant Hormones in Aromatherapy Carrier Oils.

C –Zone Therapy Treatments are available by Broni now in Western Australia or other locations listed below

cellulite free skinOngoing treatments are for 60 minutes and are $100 each treatment, recommended twice per week and are currently discounted to $150 for the two treatments.

I appreciate and completely understand you may have tried many methods of cellulite removal already, and this is a big step for you in being able to trust again and to believe that my or any treatment will work. Just don’t give up!

Please feel welcome to contact me for a non obligatory chat.

I look forward to talking to you soon.


Broni M Hewitt

Contact me by email, or Facebook comment below


I am truly amazed at the results I got after one month of reading Broni’s book. I had totally given up as I have tried every treatment available and I wish I had found this book years ago. I actually do have less cellulite already and I am having my cake and eating it too, just like Broni says I can in her book. Thanks Broni for giving me a new zest for life. Margaret, Sydney NSW Australia


I have just read your book and everything just makes so much sense and I really feel better after only two weeks, my body feels less sluggish and I didn’t realise how depressed I was, already I feel happier and I am enjoying walking my dog again. Sally G Western Australia


After reading the Ultimate Cellulite Treatment in a book I knew everything made sense but I was still skeptical as I thought no-one had cellulite as bad as mine. Learning how I got my cellulite really helped me get rid of mine, and it hasn’t come back and neither have the 12 kilos I lost in the process. Thanks Broni for showing me how easy it is. Genevieve, Gold Coast