The Book

Cellulite Free Me is written for you, it is written in plain English, is easy to comprehend and is packed full of VITAL and useful information.

Every page, every paragraph, every line will teach you how to cleanse away your cellulite.

This is not a complicated expensive two week plan that you will rush through hoping it works and hoping the effect will last.

This is a change in the way you understand your body and how you treat it.

I am not going to take anything away from you, and you don’t need to find extra time, you don’t need to go hungry nor force yourself to exercise.

This book simply gives you cellulite cleansing tools to add to your lifestyle.

Your cellulite will leave and never return as you will gently bring my principals into your world, hold on to them and use them always as part of your happy new life.

This treatment works for everyone and it will work for you too!



When you read The Cellulite Free Me book you will learncellulite treatment book:

  • What cellulite really is.
  • Why the cellulite industry wants you to have cellulite
  • Why your body is storing cellulite
  • There are several causes of cellulite
  • Find the cause of your personal cellulite
  • Why we never had cellulite 100 years ago
  • Why don’t men have cellulite?
  • How to stop the cause of your cellulite
  • How to get rid of the cellulite your body has stored
  • How you can have your cake and eat it too
  • How the way you eat and how often can affect your cellulite
  • How sleep can have a detrimental effect on your cellulite
  • 10 things you must stop doing immediately
  • Why your cellulite won’t come back
  • Why The Ultimate Cellulite Treatment works when others have failed
  • How to keep your cellulite away for ever
  • That is doesn’t matter how long you have had cellulite it will start to leave in about one month
  • How to save thousands by treating your own cellulite at home
  • How to feel better about yourself
  • How to actually want to exercise and enjoy it
  • Why you must close your sphincter before you drink
  • How most of us are in survival mode, which can cause cellulite
  • The three reasons why you must never diet
  • Why you regain more weight after dieting than you lost
  • Which has more calories? Carbohydrate or protein
  • Which is your largest eliminatory organ and how it can get rid of your cellulite
  • How to stop sugars going into your body.


My Guarantee to you

The information and advice contained in my book Cellulite Free Me is the result of my own exhaustive research and 20 years of application.

The tips and techniques are used in my cellulite clinic successfully with amazing results by hundreds of women who have read the book and followed the simple processes and principles.

Simply add to your life my tips and techniques. They are not hard, nor do they involve any demanding and complicated lifestyle changes. All I ask is that you follow the basic guidelines in the book.

Early results will be evident in approximately 4 weeks of treatments.

If you feel you have given the getting rid of your cellulite a good attempt and you believe that absolutely no progress has been made, please contact me and I will firstly try to help you, and if that does not work I will arrange a full refund.


Broni M Hewitt


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I am truly amazed at the results I got after one month of reading Broni’s book. I had totally given up as I have tried every treatment available and I wish I had found this book years ago. I actually do have less cellulite already and I am having my cake and eating it too, just like Broni says I can in her book. Thanks Broni for giving me a new zest for life. Margaret, Sydney NSW Australia


I have just read your book and everything just makes so much sense and I really feel better after only two weeks, my body feels less sluggish and I didn’t realise how depressed I was, already I feel happier and I am enjoying walking my dog again. Sally G Western Australia


After reading the Ultimate Cellulite Treatment in a book I knew everything made sense but I was still skeptical as I thought no-one had cellulite as bad as mine. Learning how I got my cellulite really helped me get rid of mine, and it hasn’t come back and neither have the 12 kilos I lost in the process. Thanks Broni for showing me how easy it is. Genevieve, Gold Coast