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I am certified in Massage and Health and Nutrition and my passion is helping women just like you get rid of unsightly cellulite.

Back in the good old days when I was about 24 years old (oh don’t get me wrong at over 40, the days are still good, but you know what I mean!) I too had bumpy thighs and I wasn’t happy. As someone who always had and interest in health and massage and had studied both subjects I decided to look into this problem of cellulite.

Bronwyn Hewitt - Cellulite TherapistI researched and read articles on cellulite and investigated and trialled the treatments available. No one seemed to be able to tell me what it was and even worse no one was able to get rid of it! Some of the treatments out there were almost barbaric! People were suffering much bruising to their legs and their egos for when a treatment was not working they were told it was their own fault – just awful.

So I turned to the world of natural therapies and much to my delight I discovered, slowly and surely piece by piece, the magic elements of getting rid of cellulite that I had been looking for.

By themselves they can make a bit of a difference, but together they are a powerful and proven process. This voyage of discovery lasted over a year and what I learnt and assembled made so much sense and makes up the foundation of what you will learn in my book.

When I first began treating women in my clinic in 1990 I soon discovered that by addressing each woman’s needs, my treatment worked every time. PLUS it was actually quite quick and had positive effects on people in ways I had not foreseen. These beneficial side-effects included: weight loss; women stopped getting headaches; period pain; their stress disappeared or at the very least decreased significantly; they were generally happier and functioned better and in many cases this brought about a positive influence on the entire family.

Helping women help themselves to get rid of cellulite is now my life’s work and my passion. As more and more women heard about my treatment I was in demand to talk to women from all over the world and for one person and a sole parent, I simply did not have the time so I wrote the book to enable me to reach more women from all over the world; as it is my life time goal to make sure that no one has to suffer from cellulite.

Talk soon, Broni


I am truly amazed at the results I got after one month of reading Broni’s book. I had totally given up as I have tried every treatment available and I wish I had found this book years ago. I actually do have less cellulite already and I am having my cake and eating it too, just like Broni says I can in her book. Thanks Broni for giving me a new zest for life. Margaret, Sydney NSW Australia


I have just read your book and everything just makes so much sense and I really feel better after only two weeks, my body feels less sluggish and I didn’t realise how depressed I was, already I feel happier and I am enjoying walking my dog again. Sally G Western Australia


After reading the Ultimate Cellulite Treatment in a book I knew everything made sense but I was still skeptical as I thought no-one had cellulite as bad as mine. Learning how I got my cellulite really helped me get rid of mine, and it hasn’t come back and neither have the 12 kilos I lost in the process. Thanks Broni for showing me how easy it is. Genevieve, Gold Coast